Permanently Closed

As a pilot, I constantly assess risk.  It’s my responsibility.  I assess myself, my aircraft, and my operating environment before every flight and ask myself if it’s a good idea to fly that day.  My approach to running a small business is much the same.  After all, a small business is as susceptible to the hazards in its environment as a small aircraft is to weather. 

I’ve been assessing whether or not to remain open as 2020 comes to an end.  What will my business’ operating environment look like in 2021?  Is it survivable?  Will there be more shutdowns?  What is the outlook of New Hampshire’s tourism industry?  Of New Hampshire’s economy as a whole? 

New Hampshire is, for the foreseeable future, an unstable and risky environment for all small businesses and especially for recreation-based companies that have been deemed unimportant (aka “non-essential”).  New Hampshire exists in a perpetual and indefinite State of Emergency.  We live under the thumb of a governor who unilaterally regulates by order, based on his personal scare meter, and without notice.


This is not a safe environment to operate in, so I’ve decided to begin permanently closing White Mountains Helicopter.


As such, I will no longer take new reservations.  If you have a gift certificate, I ask that you please contact me via email ( for a full refund.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported me, encouraged me, and those who allowed me fly with them.  This was an amazing experience that I will carry with me for my lifetime. 



Stacey Berger

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- Jonathan P.
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